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When is the best time to Visit Serengeti National park

Find out when is the best time to visit  Serengeti National Park in Tanzania . Game-viewing in Serengeti Park is best in winter but some visitors prefer the lush vegetation of the summer months in order explore the big five animals and other attractions that will be recommended by the tour operator.

When is the best time to explore Serengeti tanzania is a complicated question that is always asked by travelers planning to explore tanzania national parks & Zanzibar islands plus chimpanzee tracking in famous Gombe Stream National Park. In this article , the author intends to answer the question depending on his experience for the time he has been guiding in Tanzania ‘s national parks like Serengeti , lake manyara and tarangire.

The Serengeti National Park Safaris is an all year round destination, with each season bringing its own highlights. Whatever time you decide to safari in the Serengeti National Park – you will not be disappointed!

The best time to visit Serengeti National Park is at the beginning or end of the region’s dry season, which falls between April and September. During Tanzania’s dry season, temperatures are mostly pleasant . What’s more, vegetation is sparse and water levels are low due to the lack of rain, meaning visitors will have a better chance of spotting animals.

However, Wildlife safari viewing travelers are recommended to visit in the dry months of  July, August and September, the season’s driest months. And in the rainy season (from October to March).

Best Time to visit Serengeti National Park
April-September The early and late months in Serengeti’s dry season offer ample opportunities to spot big five animals. Limited water and vegetation result in fewer viewing obstructions, and animals will typically congregate around what little water can be found in the park.

The season’s middle months are also great for game viewing, as long as the area does not have an uncharacteristically dry year. Rain showers are few and far between, so plan on leaving your umbrella at home. Mosquitoes won’t be as much of a nuisance during the day, but travelers should still wear insect repellent with DEET as a precaution.

October-March As its name implies, Serengeti’s rainy season is filled with subtropical rainstorms. Though the park’s landscape will be beautiful to photograph at this time, more foliage and poor visibility from the rain will make it harder to see animals. Plus, mosquitoes are more prevalent during wet periods, and many safari vehicles are open to the elements, so bush walks and game drives can be a bit uncomfortable in the rain.

Activities & Things to see Best on that time

Although its well known that tourism is ever booming throughout the year in Tanzania , Tanzania safari guide offers the best safari activity and the matching time to visit to explore the safari activity.  Also remember to wear the right clothes and shoes for a safari, and bring a pair of binoculars.

June – October: general game viewing

February: wildebeest calving

February – May: bird watching

December – July: wildebeest migration, crossing the Mara River into Kenya by August

Just book any Serengeti safari tour to enjoy wildlife viewing with big five encounter in Serengeti National Park.