Sections of Serengeti

Sectors or Regions / Divisions of Serengeti National Park tanzania.

Planning for tanzania Safari tour to visit the big five animals ? Find a reliable safari to tanzania that will include you a visit to various Sectors of Serengeti national Park for great wildlife safari experience.  When planning to explore all the five sectors of Serengeti national park the traveler will require a minimum of 3 Days Tanzania Safari tour although those that require you to make an extension for 2 Days ngorongoro carter  either on self drive or guided tour .

The sprawling plains of the Serengeti National Park stretch as far as the eye can see and this 14 000km2 area is home to a variety of landscapes, habitats and ecosystems.The vast Serengeti can be split into five regions, each offering travelers a unique experience.

Central Sector

The central sector  is the vibrant, beating heart of the Serengeti national park Tanzania with high volumes of visitors as much of the wildlife is viewed here ( Big five animals).  The central Serengeti sector is the quint essential image of 3 Days  Serengeti National Park safari, with open  savanna grassland dotted with acacia and baobab trees. The Seronera River Valley is beautiful and the year round water supply keeps the area rich in predator and prey and mostly visited during the dry months, it comes with chances of Great wildebeest migration which lists the best time to visit between April and November .

Northern Sector

The Northern Serengeti is a quiet area of the Serengeti  national park and its located in the remote  areas and is less visited , recommended to travelers that dont wish to have massive tourism during the game drives , always Expect fewer crowds here as it requires long travel times to get to the northern sector. The 3 Days Serengeti tanzania safari  is worth it as the Northern Serengeti’s landscapes are varied and beautiful and it is home to exciting wildlife. It is also where travelers can watch great wildebeest the dramatic Mara River crossings. Herds that are thousands strong make the dangerous crossing, attempting to avoid the crocodiles as they do so.

Southern Sector

The Southern sector of Serengeti national park is known to be the most accessible area of the Serengeti and stretches from the Central Serengeti and the Seronera to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, this clearly implies that most holiday makers that visit tanzania explore the southern sector of Serengeti Tanzania. Lake Ndutu region is dotted with alkaline lakes which makes it an other idea destination for birding tours in Tanzania as you will spot pink flamingos and wildebeest migration during the December to march period.

Eastern Sector

The Eastern Serengeti is definitely ‘un off the beaten path’ and is one of the most starkly beautiful part of Serengeti National park made up of grass plains, rivers and rocky outcrops and the place is mostly visited by travelers that are planning walking safaris in the wilderness of Serengeti Tanzania, as its less crowded as compared to other sections.  During the visit the eastern section , the tourists may spot the three species of big cat (leopard, lion and cheetah) with a noticeably high concentration of cheetah.

Western Sector.

The Western Corridor is a remote section of the Serengeti which stretches to Lake Victoria. This area is well known for the Grumeti River which is the scene of treacherous river crossings that form part of the Great Migration. Thousands of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle make their way across the crocodile infested waters en route to the lush plains of the Masai Mara in Kenya. The best time to witness these crossings is from late May to mid-July.

Recommendations for your visit to the Serengeti

When planning a Tanzania Safari tour to Serengeti National Park , your advised to visit all the sections of the park for clear viewing of the landscape and beautiful big five in the wilderness of open plains of the park. Even self drive travelers are advised to always hire the service of the ranger guide or tour guide as it helps be guided where to spot the wildlife animals .

Self drive Travelers are strictly advised to obey Serengeti park rules, and follow the recommendations from other tour guide. Like , don’t whistle or make strange sounds to the animals, don’t get out of the vehicle to try to take a selfie.

But most importantly, don’t ever think about getting off your jeep, even though there seem not to be any animal around. If you want to experience a Serengeti safari without being in a vehicle, you can option for walking safaris.